We cater Delicious food and save customers money

You can save lots of money on your next catering bill by setting up a buffet style service. Enjoy an outside setting for even greater savings.

Contact your local rent a center for tables and chairs, chaffers and a party tent if the weather looks iffy.

People love food and the opportunity to gather, to bond friends and family, working together to make every thing come together.  Nothing is more satisfying than watching people helping themselves to the table of Beautiful Bbq and Smoked foods.

Simple is the key to a successful party, quality paper products such as plates, utensils and napkins keeps the clean up bill to almost zero.

After 30 years feeding people, my pick up program will save you tons of money on your next event, consider a cost of food running around $10 to $15 a person for wonderful bbq foods.   Set up your buffet table,  pick up your wonderful food and enjoy your party.

The Bbq Shak & New Hampshire Smokehouse


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